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Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-rock, J-pop/Pop

Favourite style of art: Pretty much anything
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Favourite cartoon character: Anime Character: Suigintou, Tohsaka Rin, Naegino Sora, Black Rock Shooter, Natsu Dragneel, Hatake Kakashi, Count of Monte Cristo, Senjougahara Hitagi
Cartoon Character: Nightcrawler, Gambit, Spider-Man, Robin (Young Justice version), Batman, Hawkgirl, Avatar Aang

Personal Quote: The world isn't dictated by black and white. It's the gray that makes a difference.
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A long overdue and late journal, I know, but we'll be moving on as quickly as I can. First of all Happy Holidays! And I guess we can all look forward to 2013 to bring us new experiences!

First I would like to present my mascot and helper here, Chocolate Mint, but we'll be calling her Mint for short ( Click me ).
She was put up for adoption by :iconrinslettuce: and I couldn't help but give her a home. She'll be my mascot and keeping track of my journal entries from now on and help me with any news, updates and other events I may think up along the way. Too bad I don't have premium to include her in the journal better. Our work is cut out for us, especially with someone like me. I often get pretty crowded between my actual job, gaming, reading, anime and writting, but I couldn't live without them all.

For starters it has come to my intention that while I want to work on my stories based on existing franchises, I need to give more attention to my original series concepts as well. I do warn you all that I still need to develop my compositions and practice the flow of a story. If by any chance you find any major grammar mistakes, please let me know. I may have the ideas, but the execution can turn into a problem. As a heads up on what's expecting you all, here's a list on some of the ideas I picked up from my scrapbook and plan to work on.

This world was ruled by the existence of drakkons. These ancients had been alive for as long as time and for as long as humans could remember, present in all aspects of society. The arts, economy, politics, trade, craftsmanship, everything had been influenced in one way or another by this majestic race's mere presence. Having lived in seclusion from humans till recent times, they now mingled and roamed through all cities and kingdoms. Ever admired, ever feared, ever respected, ever hated, that is their way. They were regarded highly in major cities and all affairs connected to the royal family, but seen as invaders by commoners. The Drakkons had decided to keep their involvement to a minimum in anything less than kingdom affairs, continuing their semi-seclusion. No one knew for sure the location of most of the drakkons' nests, only a few cities emerged from beneath the grounds that humans dared not approach. Why would they? Drakkons harbored heavy feelings for humans as much as they did in return. Except for one matured drakkena, Eirlys; she did not understand humans, nor tried to. Eirlys did as she pleased and chose to ignore anything she did not agree with. She was sent to study them, a decision upon which the elders had come to through a majority vote. Matured drakkons would be sent out into the world if they showed learning potential, to better accommodate with the humans of the land. Little did Eirlys knew that a roguish womanizer would get in her way in the town of Kandala.

Trick or Threat:
Two twins, two sisters. That is how it all began. Sharing the same parents, the same house, the same experiences, the same face, the same flesh, the same blood, Lydia and Lilith had always been close from childhood. Every now and then they would bicker as it's normal between any siblings. They had their differences and they had their common goals., but everything changed with 15 years of being paired as eachother's shadow. People confused them easily, despite the differences in their personalities, their talents forgotten easily. The two would forever be labeled with their mirror image and it came to the point they couldn't take it anymore. Feelings of resent, jealousy and frustration began consuming them. An idea popped in their mind. Why not create a website for people to decide the best of the two? Their web hit 'Trick or Treat' took life and people, oblivious to the website's true purpose, began filling out their own votes between two fictional characters named Trick (Lydia) and Treat(Lilith). Lydia and Lilith would post from their everyday life and would let fate decide for them. Who was in the wrong in that conversation, who had the right to take that prize, it all came down to majority vote. Unfortunately their little play progressed too far. A twin complex is a dangerous disorder and it only grew between the two, each feeling inferior, each feeling superior. It didn't become an issue of meddlesome chores, schoolwork or love, it became a literal question on who deserved to exist. "Why did they chose her?" ... "I deserve this more." ... "Why is she here?" .. "I should be the only one." ... That's right... But who deserves to win?

Service with a Bell:
A lone hotel was sitting on the outskirts of a small town. Nothing seemed strange to the regular eye, the building itself welcoming any guests, the greenery painting a lush courtyard. What people should have paied attention to were the employees, for they were not mere civillians. The hotel's employees had been trained for the most extreme situations, their repertoire containing experience in all domains, some less of the norm. If one were to dig deeper into the past they would come across a thief, a soldier, a nun, a teacher, an exotic show girl and many more. Why have they all gathered together to work in this humble hotel? It's a mystery, one of the many surrounding Fullwonder Hotel. Small occurences, misunderstandings and crimes seem to be running on a shedule, always messing with the strange life of the inhabitants. What's more... the owner is but a child.

More incoming on dA and Fanfiction:

Besides the three stories presented above, which are a sure thing, I am still brainstorming a new plot for my OC Terra and her gang. I had originally wanted to put her in my own take of a future Digimon season which would have been a prequel to the whole franchise so far, but I love her and Jake and everyone so much I think they deserve their own franchise. Various ideas have formed in my head, but I'm still looking for something solid and original if possible. Among these I have thought of a story revolving around various crimes and mysteries influenced by the existance of gods thought only to exist in legends, an idea on Terra traveling around the world to solve these mysteries and get to the bottom of who the mysterious person sending her emails could be.
My main idea involved Terra solving mysteries based on escaped fairytales in our modern times. Basically she comes across this strange library and by some accident she sends some of the fairytales and urban legends free into the world. Of course that doesn't mean every tale will be a replica of what it is in the book, most of them catching up with the times and more importantly reverting back to their original scenarios. As you all know, most fairytales have been modified over the years from their original script. So for example, Red Riding Hood in our time would result in a series of rape incidents. I really liked this idea, but I feel like so many other series revolve around fairytales some way or another.
In a different idea she would travel between worlds during her dreams instead of solving mysteries. Or maybe I should involve a sort of game, be it cardgame, table top etc (If any of you have seen Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, Sword Art Online etc) So it's still in the works. While all ideas sound nice, I'm waiting to pick the best one for Terra and her group and the best one considering the current media flying around. Perhaps you guys could pitch in if any of my current ideas sound good. I aim to please the audience.

Before I had thought of quitting fanfictions for the sake of creating my own franchises, but I do enjoy reading fanfics so much. Sometimes they have that little something you wish you'd see in a certain series. Of course most of my fanfictions include an Original Character, OC for short. I know what you all are thinking, Mary-Sues, fangirl fantasies, characters acting all wrong, but no. I hate those type of fanfictions. I always try and keep the characters partaining to the series acting as they would, taking in consideration manner of speech and body language. In other words I'll try to keep them as tastefully written as possible. I've read so many fanfictions where it just went all wrong and immediately broke out in romance/drama from the first chapter (let's not forget about lack of exposition), even when they had barely met. I'm interested in the OC themselves you know. It's always refreshing to see a new concept and the backstory behind it.

Another important step: I will only write fanfiction for franchises I believe are open to new additions, like X-men, Young Justice, Yu-Gi-Oh etc These are all franchises based on a big cast, not to mention growing cast with each season and comic/manga. I'm sure everyone of us have had in mind an X-men design or superhero. That's what I'll basically be doing. Bringing more to the gang while trying to build up an original plot with the existing main cast, support and villains. Relationships between OC and Canon characters will remain debatable, I will go so far only if I find the characters themselves growing close enough and having the right chemistry, in which case if they do evolve there is no guarantee it will be long lasting connection. Happy endings are not guaranteed! I love surprises o.<  Ah, and I might add up multiple OCs to one franchise. Introduce my own society of villains, rivals...just doing anything to make the franchise shine through my own expression.

My profile is a bit out of date, so if you guys have any questions regarding anime, games or whatever you can post them on dA or Formspring.
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